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Introducing the comic script folder!…

Submit to this folder if your comic isn't made of pictures, but mostly words and/or with some pictures in it.

Fan fictions are NOT comic scripts! Fan fictions describe a story only through words and wasn't intended to be made into a comic, comic scripts however, were made so they can be turned into comics at some point. Comic scripts also have dialogue spaced out, fewer thick paragraphs, and it should describe how the comic goes rather than describing every little thing.

Consider this an alternative to those who lack the artistic aspect of wanting to make a comic but can look to other artists who might like their comic idea and want to help make it a reality. (And if its original you two could make a collaboration and make a cool comic story)

Please do not submit fan fictions to this particular folder, Any fan fictions submitted here will be of course declined. Instead, send them to the all purpose gallery folder!

Thank you guys!
So I finally finished the reorganization of the group, deleted all personal folders with under 100 comic pages, went through the featured folder and sorted it all out, the reorganization folder and other folders I went through, and gave two people their own folders due to the fact they had 100 submissions in their folders.

So let me go through what has changed and what to do next.

Change list
+10 limit submissions on all folders accessible to normal members per day
+Personal folders only for contributors who have 100 submissions in this group
+Added Genre folders and unlocked them for all members to submit to
+Removed Comic folder maker folder
+Added Short Comics folder
+Featured Folder exclusive to Contributors and higher ranked UNLESS your submission is so impressive or grand we cannot resist to put it in featured

Questions, Comments, and Concerns about the Reorganization
So the most concern I will most likely get is this:
"My comic isn't supposed to be in that genre!" "Why is it in there? It is supposed to be this genre" "Why is it in undetermined genre?"

Here are the answers.

The reason why your comic is in the genre folder I chose is because it is how I saw it from my perspective. I could be wrong, and I asked people here if they wanted me to put it in the genre you know it is, you should have told me cause I am just guessing at this point.

If you see your comic in the wrong genre folder, CONTACT ME! I will be happy to move them.

If your comic is in the undetermined genre folder is most likely I couldn't comprehend what your comic was or I couldn't determine it. Though if you know what it is, let me know, even if the genre folder is non existent yet.

If you have any other questions, comments, and concerns, contact me through a note through the group.

Thank you for being patient everyone, glad this group is pretty strong and this just made the group much stronger!

Greetings members!

Starting 6/4/15, I have started the process of reorganizing the group. Meaning all comics in their personal folders, the comic folder maker, and featured, will be sorted out into what genre it seems like it belongs to, then put it in its's respective folder.

This process might take up to the whole month of June or more. I'm the only one working on this and I am doing various other things than working on this group... So you will need to give me the time to do so.

In the meantime, all folders except the following, have been closed off from submissions:
-All purpose Comic Gallery
-All purpose gallery
-Mature Folder
-Pencil Sketches

I also opened a NEW folder temporarily for this group; The Sorting Folder! This is where I want YOU GUYS TO SUBMIT TO UNTIL REORGANIZATION IS FINISHED!

What ever you submit there will be reorganized appropriately to the right Genre folder.

There WILL be new RULES after the reorganization is done too. So please pay attention to the blogs here if you don't wish to be lost in all this.


If you don't want me to organize your comic by what I think your comic's genre is, YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW! Otherwise I'm just going to go by what I assume it is.

Next, if your comic HAS be organized into the genre folders already and the genre is wrong, YOU GOTTA TELL ME!. Otherwise it stays in that folder.

If you don't see a genre for what your comic is below, tell me and I can make it.

That is all guys. Remember, where you normally submit has been most likely, locked. Please submit all your comics that aren't multi purpose or mature into the Sorting folder! Anywhere else I will decline it.


So if you didn't catch the memo before hand, allow me to refresh your memory or enlighten you on what is going to happen to the group this summer.

I've mentioned at least twice to you all that the group's folder policy and whole organization is going to change.

By which I mean personal folders will be removed and all comics will be sorted out into different genres depending on the comic.

Seeing as most of my staff doesn't really bother with the group that much, I will be doing most of the work, organizing and such.

You'll probably start seeing these folders pretty soon and you won't be able to submit to them until all is done and organized... mostly.

I'll also take the liberty of removing comics of people who submitted and are no longer with us, either if they deactivated or left the group.

As for where you can submit now until the changes are done, you may submit to featured, the all purpose gallery folder, or the all purpose comic gallery folder.

Also, we might have some sort of way of acquiring your own folder for this group after all the changes are done, but I will make it where it is pretty difficult to obtain.

I'm sorry if this all inconveniences you but I see this as a better way to organize and manage the group without me checking up on it all the time.

Thanks for reading!

Many thanks to :iconmoongonedark: who created this wonderful logo for me and this group to use!

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